Yield is a modern, locally-sourced, farm-to-table eatery and bar in Chinatown, Honolulu.


Yield is a restaurant located in the historic Chinatown, Hawaii. My role in Yield since its foundation has been creative director which has included the tasks of creating the name, the design of all print and digital products, and overseeing all artistic decisions and considerations in reference to visual identity. The name "Yield" is of dual meaning: the product of a harvest, and; the concept of stopping and going. Yield Restaurant and Bar gives customers the option of fresh plant based foods that are produced and harvested locally, and it is one of the only take-out "stop and go" restaurants in downtown Honolulu . To symbolize the concept that Yield is based on, I created a logo that consist of four stripes, representing the seasons of the year, intertwined in a weaving pattern making a "Y" shape, which references the native Hawaiian palm frond baskets traditionally used to hold the "yields" of the harvest. Some of the materials created included: signage, menus, stationary, clothing and apparel.

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Name conceptualization, Logo design, Stationary, Clothing, Packaging design, Social media